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Raw material ratio of graphite crucible

The main raw materials of graphite crucible are graphite, silicon carbide, silica, refractory clay, asphalt and tar, etc.

Graphite is the main raw material of crucible production, accounting for 45-55% of the ingredients, and the crystalline scale and needle (block) graphite are the best. In the production of graphite crucibles in China, flake like medium carbon graphite is widely used, and the carbon content is generally 85-93%. The graphite particle size is selected according to the performance, use, model and specification of the crucible. The large crucible with a volume of more than 100 × is usually made of large flake graphite with a volume of more than 32 mesh; the medium crucible with a volume of 60 × to 80 × is made of 80 mesh flake graphite; the small crucible with a volume of less than 50 × is made of 100 mesh flake graphite; the special shaped crucible for manual forming is made of - 100 mesh flake graphite.

Refractory clay mainly plays the role of molding inorganic binder. The clay is required to be pure in composition, strong in plasticity and stable in physical and chemical properties. It has high fire resistance and good thermal effect.

Due to the difference of the materials and the use conditions of crucible smelting, the proportion of various raw materials is different in the production of ingredients. It should be determined reasonably according to the performance, use and service conditions of the crucible.

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